„I am glad and proud to work with such a dedicated person as Daniel (CEO of Zikyo Solutions). We started our collaboration in 2018 when his team developed an APP for the company I work for. Since the first meeting we had I knew that I made the perfect decision to work with him and his team. They managed to take my ideas and bring them to life and more then that, they pushed the limits and came out with new ideas on how to improve and evolve the APP. The dedication, hard work and perseverance of the whole team is amazing. We opened the door for them to work in understanding the WCM (World Class Manufacturing) methodology, and then we grew together. In my own opinion they are the best in developing new, fresh and outstanding ideas. Great work and keep it up.”

Andrei Manda – Plant Manager at Saint-Gobain

About Weber Saint-Gobain

Weber is part of an international group employing more than 10,000 people across 57 countries worldwide.

Weber is incorporated as Saint-Gobain Weber Ltd and is a subsidiary of Saint- Gobain. Established in France in 1665, Saint-Gobain is one of the world’s largest industrial groups, with an annual turnover of 39.6 billion euros and 170,000 employees.

Saint-Gobain operates across four sectors; Building Distribution, Construction Products, Flat Glass and High Performance Materials.

Weber workforce exceeds 600 employees including 230 specialized professionals committed to provide insightful and valuable assistance to their customers.
Weber is renowned for the quality of its technically advanced products as well as the excellence of its assistance on sites and the reliability of its after-sale service.

Weber’s products are developed through extensive research and development and are subject to strict quality control procedures. The finished products are in conformity with European (EN), British (BS) and American (ASTM) standards.
Weber is also an environmental, health and safety oriented company.